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Starting up SPAM

Setting up SPAM in Linux bash is done through:

. <spam installation path>/

Setting up SPAM in Linux (t)csh is done through:

source <spam installation path>/setup.csh

SPAM uses AIPS in such a way that it allows creation of an isolated, self-consistent work environment per project. To run SPAM, first create a project directory:

mkdir -p <new project directory>
cd <new project directory>

Then start ParselTongue: . <AIPS userid>

The AIPS userid can be any number from 11 to 9999. I usually stick with 11

In the project directory, the script has set up a local AIPS work environment with 35 AIPS disks (work01-35) and a few other directories (fits, datfil, prtfil, runfil, da00, etc.). Most of this is quite specific to AIPS.

If all went well, the final output will have been

Welcome to ParselTongue 2.3

Next, we import SPAM as a python module

from spam import *

If this returns without errors it is likely that the installation has gone well.

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