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Downloading and installing SPAM

Here are some instructions on how to install SPAM on your Linux 64-bit system. If you want to install it on some other Unix-based system, you're on your own :-).

Download SPAM and dependencies

An installation of SPAM on Linux requires at least the following items:

  • The latest SPAM package, found here
  • SPAM support files, found here
  • AIPS version 31DEC13 (LNX64 binary tarball with extras), found here
  • ParselTongue version 2.3 (with changes), found here
  • Obit core (LNX64 binary with changes), found here

The following necessary items are often already available on a standard scientific Linux installation:

  • Python version 2.7 (plus C include files)
  • Python packages: pylab / matplotlib, numpy, scipy, astropy
  • gcc
  • make
  • swig
  • optional: mencoder / mplayer (for making phase screen movies)
  • optional: ImageMagick convert (for making phase screen movies)

Install SPAM

Make a new directory that will hold all spam software

In your Linux shell, type

cd <local software path>
mkdir spam
cd spam

Move the downloaded tarballs to here.

In your Linux shell, type

mv <download path>/AIPS_<version>.tgz .
mv <download path>/parseltongue-<version>.tgz .
mv <download path>/obit_<version>.tgz .
mv <download path>/spam_<version>.tgz .
mv <download path>/spam_etc_<version>.tgz .

Install SPAM support files

> tar xzf spam_etc_<version>.tgz

Edit setup file(s) and modify SPAM_PATH to point to <local software path>/spam, SPAM_HOST to your machine name in capitals, and PYTHON to point to your python2.7 executable

gedit setup.*sh

Next, run the setup file. In Linux bash (sh) this is done through:


In Linux C-shell ([t]csh) this is done through:

source setup.csh

Install AIPS

In your Linux shell, type

tar xzf AIPS_31DEC13.tgz

These next two steps may not apply to you, but must be executed when you have installed and/or run AIPS locally.

mv ~/.AIPSRC ~/.AIPSRC_previous
mv ~/.dadevs ~/.dadevs_previous

Then start the actual install

perl -n

Here's how to quickly get through the AIPS installation

screen 0: <enter>
screen 4: <enter>
screen 4b: <enter>
screen 5: <e.g., your institute name in capitals (no spaces), and enter>
screen 5a: <enter>
screen 5b: <check that this is set to LNX64, and enter>
screen 6: <enter>
screen 7: <copy/paste suggested path and enter>
screen 8: <2x enter>
screen 9: <enter>
screen 9B: <enter>
screen 11: <2x enter>

And during installation: <3x/4x enter> This should run without errors (see SPAM FAQ if it can't find

Now we need to increase number of interactive AIPS sessions to 32. In your Linux shell, type in the Linux shell

source LOGIN.(C)SH



In SETPAR go through the following menus

2 <enter>
10 <enter>
32 <enter>
-1 <enter>
AMANAGER <enter>
4 <enter>

Test AIPS by entering

aips tv=local

In AIPS POPS terminal, enter

11 <enter>
print 2+2 <enter>
kleenex <enter>

Exit AIPS directory

cd ..

Install Obit core

In your Linux shell, type

tar xzf obit_<version>.tgz

And that's it.

Install ParselTongue

In your Linux shell, type

tar xzf parseltongue-<version>.tgz
cd parseltongue-<version>
sh ./configure --prefix=${SPAM_PATH}/ParselTongue --with-obit=${SPAM_PATH}/Obit

This should return without errors (see SPAM FAQ if it can't find obit). Then type:

make install
cd ..

Install SPAM package

In your Linux shell, type

tar xzf spam_<version>.tgz
cd python/spam

Edit the makefile so that the SWIGFLAGS and CCFLAGS point to the correct Python C header file directory (will contain Python.h; typically something like /usr/include/python2.7).

gedit makefile
cd ../..

And that's all folks!

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